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Trust Agents

Trust Agents

Author(s) Chris Brogan, Julien Smith
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Published 2020-06-30
ISBN 9781119666011
Page Count336
Language en
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The 10th Anniversary Edition of Trust Agents helps companies get back on track in their efforts to build reputation, attention, and trust.

In the years since authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith first released their groundbreaking book Trust Agents, social media channels have become inundated by questionable, low-quality content. As a result, many businesses have suffered from damaged reputations and poorly performing social media initiatives. The power of social media is as strong as ever, yet businesses are struggling when trying to re-capture the trust and attention of their audience. This special 10th Anniversary Edition of Trust Agents helps companies of all kinds regain their reputation and re-establish the attention and trust of the marketplace.

Celebrating a decade in print, this New York Times bestseller has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the new business realities of social networks and the latest digital technologies. All-new content and supplemental materials show business leaders how to attract the right kind of attention, communicate directly to specific groups, and leverage human innovation and originality in this age of Artificial Intelligence and automation. From using the latest social apps and platforms to build trusted networks of influence, to implementing laser-focused marketing strategies to cut through the digital clutter, critical information is supported by real-world examples and case studies, advanced theory, and practical, actionable guidance. This must-have guide:

  • Provides expert advice on creating and growing brand influence
  • Features specific strategies for small businesses, nonprofits, the hospitality industry, corporations, and more
  • Discusses the six main tenets of trust agents and their use
  • Explores online tools that foster better relationships, increased sales, and greater profits
  • Explains the relationship between trust, social capital, and media

The 10th Anniversary Edition of Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust is a valuable source of