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The Distraction Trap

The Distraction Trap

Author(s) Frances Booth
Publisher Pearson UK
Published 2013-04-29
ISBN 0273788590
Page Count240
Language en
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If you're worried that you're losing the power to concentrate The Distraction Trap can help. Learn how you can easily release your life from the steely grip of modern technology where you're always available and always connected. Discover how you can radically boost your productivity by keeping your whole brain and both eyes on the task in hand.

You may think you can do ten things at once, with a scattered thinking approach and expect to do everything well and on time. Well, you can't. The Distraction Trap will empower you to focus and prioritise, switch off your email, say 'no' to social media ruling your life and help you rediscover your lost powers of concentration.

Your campaign to reclaim your life starts here and now!