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Author(s) Jesse Warren Tevelow
Publisher Jesse Tevelow
Published 2015-12-14
ISBN 9780692601228
Page Count192
Language en
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Jesse's first book was a #1 bestseller. It took him a year to write it. Hustle is different. It was written, produced, and published in just 7 days. The ridiculously short production schedule was meant to prove a point: focus + momentum = mindbending productivity. Don't be fooled, though. The biggest opportunities in life don't come from sprinting. They emerge over time through constant motion. A gritty, inspiring read, Hustle is the nudge we've all been waiting for. WHO SHOULD READ THIS BOOK: -- Young people trying to figure out how to succeed in our new, entrepreneurial economy -- Anyone bored with their routine, at work or home -- Entrepreneurs who are in it for the long haul -- Aspiring writers who are interested in learning how to produce a professional, high-quality book in seven days, and launch it in less than a month. -- Anyone who wants a jolt of inspiration, a reason to smile, a reason to work hard, a reason to keep hustling.