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Docker Deep Dive

Docker Deep Dive

Author(s) Nigel Poulton
Publisher Packt Publishing Ltd
Published 2020-10-29
ISBN 9781800569119
Page Count250
Language en
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Start from scratch and develop the essential skills needed to create, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications using Docker

Key FeaturesGet a solid understanding of Docker and containersOvercome common problems while containerizing an applicationMaster Docker commands needed for creating, deploying, and running applicationsBook Description

Most applications, even the funky cloud-native microservices ones, need high-performance, production-grade infrastructure to run on. Having impeccable knowledge of Docker will help you to thrive in the modern cloud-first world. With this book, you'll gain the skills you need to work with Docker and its containers.

The book begins with an introduction to containers and explains its functionality and application in the real world. You'll then get an overview of VMware, Kubernetes, and Docker and learn to install Docker on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once you've understood the Ops and Dev perspective of Docker, you'll be able to see the big picture and understand what Docker exactly does. The book then turns its attention to the more technical aspects, guiding your through practical exercises covering Docker engine, Docker images, and Docker containers. You'll learn techniques for containerizing an app, deploying apps with Docker Compose, and managing cloud-native applications with Swarm. You'll also build Docker networks and Docker overlay networks and handle applications that write persistent data. Finally, you'll deploy apps with Docker stacks and secure your Docker environment.

By the end of this book, you'll be well-versed in Docker and containers and have developed the skills to create, deploy, and run applications on the cloud.

What you will learnBecome familiar with the applications of Docker and containersDiscover how to pull images into Docker host's local registryFind out how to containerize an appBuild and test a Docker overlay network in the swarm modeUse Docker compose to deploy and manage multi-container applicationsSecurely share sensitive data with containers and Swarm servicesWho this book is for

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer looking to utilize Docker to develop and operate cloud-native microservices apps, this book is for you. Anyone who wants to learn Docker orchestration, networking, imaging, and security will also find it useful. No prior knowledge of Docker is necessary.