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The Consultant Next Door

The Consultant Next Door

Author(s) Taylor Welch, Chris Evans
Publisher Traffic & Funnels LLC
Published 2020-11-04
ISBN 9781736029312
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Language en
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This modern-day consulting playbook walks you through everything from picking your niche, crafting your offer and setting your price? To getting in front of the right people, getting them on the phone, and then enrolling them as new clients? And then how to scale things up on your own terms so you can spend plenty of time on what's most important to you outside of your work. There's no point making so much money if it's at the expense of enjoying your life, right? The concepts and frameworks in this book were previously reserved for clients who invested $10k to join our flagship program ClientKit? - but now you have the opportunity to get your hands on it all for a trivial sum.