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Big Dick Energy

Big Dick Energy

Author(s) Joe Elvin
Publisher Joe Elvin
Published 2021-12-26
ISBN 9798770448498
Page Count97
Language en
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Most mainstream dating advice is WRONG. Most pick-up artist advice is UNNECESSARY.

* If you’re the ‘nice guy’ that always gets friendzoned;

* If you’re the shy or anxious guy who is afraid to fully express himself;

* If you’re a more outgoing dude who tries to talk to women, but can’t grab or hold their attention;

* If you have no idea how to flirt successfully;

If you consider yourself as ‘quiet’, ‘introverted’, ‘serious’ or ‘not fun’...’re probably suffering from a lack of what the author Joe Elvin calls BIG DICK ENERGY.

Perhaps you’ve tried to solve this by improving your appearance or by learning clever little pick-up artist techniques, and nothing has changed.

This book will provide the missing puzzle piece, presenting 12 powerful exercises to summon your inner masculinity, transforming you into the charismatic and dominant man that women can’t help but notice.


Joe Elvin was an average guy who’d occasionally ‘get lucky’ with average women.

Shortly after a devastating break-up, he discovered the seduction community and spent several years studying the techniques of the world’s best pick-up artists. This led him down the path to become a full-time dating writer and coach.

But, after travelling the world seducing women of all cultures, it became clear that a strong masculine presence is the most powerful force to excite and arouse beautiful women.

While it’s true that women are attracted to good looks, wealth and status, BIG DICK ENERGY has proved to be Joe’s great equaliser.

Discover the secrets of unforgettable assertiveness, bravery, charisma and charm in this entertaining and intimate book.


Ever since the launch of dating apps and social media, the dating market has been globalised.

It’s no longer enough to be better than the other guys in your crush’s immediate circle. She can now easily communicate with the best-looking, most high-status men from around your country.

If you don’t have the appearance, wealth or status to compete with them, you need to do something to swing the odds in your favor. Dating is only going to get tougher as time goes on.

Thankfully, a dose of BIG DICK ENERGY is still enough to win over the world’s most desirable babes. This is what they crave more than money, looks or a new pair of Louboutins,

As well as guiding you through the 12 challenges, the author shares some outrageous sex and travel stories to prove why his tips are so powerful.

Masculinity isn’t toxic, it’s sexy.

So, grab your copy of BIG DICK ENERGY today and prepare to transform your dating fortunes forever.