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Author Your Life

Author Your Life

Author(s) Lara Zielin
Publisher Independently Published
Published 2019-02-27
ISBN 9781791984090
Page Count178
Language en
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Are you ready to write a better story for yourself? Author Your Life is the oh-heck-yeah transformation that can happen when you literally put pen to paper and write the life you want to have.

In Author Your Life, you'll get practical, hands-on help for how to become the main character in your own real-life adventure. Lara Zielin will show you how to write a better story for yourself in four main areas: loving yourself, finding your purpose, body and health, and financial abundance. In the process, this book will guide you through your own Hero's Journey, step by step.

As the author of six published novels, Lara knows how stories work. Author Your Life is what happened when Lara turned the tables and started creating a world for herself, exactly the same way that she would create a world for her characters. For one year, Lara wrote the unimaginatively titled "Lara's Life," where she literally created the story of how she wanted her life to be. Everything changed as a result. Her health, her finances, her relationships, her heart, and so much more.

The power of words is completely amazing and totally legit! You don't have to travel a thousand miles or attend a 20-day meditation retreat or do a cleanse to write a better story for yourself. You can do this in your pajamas, starting right where you are.

So get out your pens, your story is about to begin.