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Lured By Light

Lured By Light

Author(s) Beth Barany
Publisher Barany Publishing
Published 2020-10-17
ISBN 9781944841409
Page Count304
Language en
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At Bijoux de L'Étoile, the high-end casino orbiting Earth, anything can happen.

It's a quiet day for L'Étoile lead investigator, Janey McCallister, until a young woman runs screaming through the blackjack tables. She looks like a victim of abuse, but when her boyfriend turns up dead the next day, she becomes the prime suspect.

Determined to investigate every angle, Janey searches for clues and uncovers a world of high-priced escorts and human trafficking-a world just like the one that took the life of her best friend long ago.

When Orlando Valdez, inspector for Sol Unified Planets, shows up with a new suspect, Janey isn't sure she can trust the mercurial man who stopped returning her phone calls. But as the threats escalate and she unravels a deeper conspiracy, Janey and her team will need all the help they can get. If they fail, it could be the end of everyone on L'Étoile.


Lured By Light, the second book in the Janey McCallister Mystery series, is perfect for fans of J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas books and Killjoys, and CSI. It contains a slow-burn romance, enhanced humans, cool high-tech gadgets, a futuristic vision of the Earth, and a tough kick ass heroine with secrets.


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Lured By Light (Book 2)

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"Into the Black starts off with a bang and never lets up..."

- Nancy Allen, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

"This fun, often riveting novel offers an intriguing blend of mystery, sci-fi, and romance elements..."

- The BookLife Prize

"This is a real good and twisty mystery."

-- Patricia Beaver

"I'm totally hooked on the Janey McCallister novels. I adore the scifi element of this mystery series as well as the well-defined characters. I like how the author lets us feel the personal struggles Janey has, not only with her job but also with juggling a personal life as well as a (hopefully) a love life."

-- Keri Kruspe