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How to Unchain Your Brain

How to Unchain Your Brain

Author(s) Prof Theo Compernolle
Publisher Compernolle Consulting
Published 2017-03-27
ISBN 9789082205855
Page Count140
Language en
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Your most important tool to be successful is your brain. What do you know about your brain that is of practical help every day to get the best out of it? Most people, even highly educated professionals, do not know anything about their brain and what they know is often not correct and not useful. Even without this knowledge about their brain, more and more people discover that the way they use their computers and especially their smartphones does not improve, but undermines their intellectual productivity and even their health. Quite a few then worry that there is something wrong with themselves, since everybody else seems to have no problem interacting all the time with their smartphones and with multitasking. Hundreds of research publications, however, support this idea that the way people use their great technology indeed undermines their intellectual work, instead of enhancing it. This research also clearly demonstrates that this is true for everybody who is always connected and multitasking. This book is a very short and crisp version of the comprehensive book "BrainChains. Discover your brain and unleash its full potential in a hyperconnected world." "BrainChains" is about how to fully develop the synergy between your brilliant brain and your amazing Information and Communication Technology (ICT), computers in general and smartphones in particular, to become more intellectually productive. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the human brain, you will get the best from your brain and your technology and become measurably more productive, more creative, in less time and with less stress. When "BrainChains" became a bestseller, Dr. Compernolle discovered an interesting paradox. The people who need "BrainChains" the most to become more efficient, do not have the time to read a comprehensive book, to understand how to develop an optimal synergy between their brain and their ICT, to become more efficient, productive and creative. Therefore, he wrote this brief "directions for use" for your brain, with only 50 pages of 250 words, one subject per page, to explain the basic knowledge about the brain that you need to know to understand the five BrainChains and the five BrainChain-breakers.