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Author(s) David Woods
Publisher LID Publishing
Published 2014-09-11
ISBN 9781907794636
Page Count216
Language en
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As part of its 20th-anniversary celebrations, the LID publishing group invited 20 of its thought-leading authors to contribute to this unique book--a collection of 20 lists, with each list containing points of advice based on each author's area of expertise. The world-class contributors include Dave Ulrich, consistently ranked the most influential HR thinker on the planet; Andy Law, former chairman of St. Luke's, described by the Harvard Business Review as the "scariest company in the world"; John Grant, the godfather of modern marketing; and Kevin Duncan, bestselling author of The Diagrams Book. Psychologists, business professors, industry leaders, and company directors share their unique, savvy, and rich ideas and views on work and life in this rare collection.