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Wisdom for Winners Volume One

Wisdom for Winners Volume One

Author(s) Jim Stovall
Publisher Sound Wisdom
Published 2014-08-19
ISBN 9780768405088
Page Count256
Language en
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On the heels of the New York Times bestseller The Ultimate Gift and the major motion picture from 20th Century Fox based on that book Jim Stovall brings you Wisdom for Winners Volume OneA Millionaire Mindset, An Official Publication of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

For more than a decade, Jim Stovall’s Winner’s Wisdom syndicated columns have been read and studied by highly successful people around the globe. Now, that same wit, wisdom and millionaire experience is available for you in this book.

Wisdom for Winners contains a unique combination of guidance for the career professional and the entrepreneur combined with spiritual wisdom that prompts self-reflection. Organized into small sections, the material can be read incrementally for greater impact.