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101 Ways to Kill Your Boss

101 Ways to Kill Your Boss

Author(s) Graham Roumieu
Publisher Plume
Published 2009
ISBN 9780452290051
Page Count112
Language en
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Deadly doodles of boss-i-cide from the twisted mind behind Bigfoot: I Not Dead

The author/illustrator of the hilarious Bigfoot: I Not Dead and Me Write Book comes out of the woods and charges straight into the corporate jungle. For any embittered employee who s ever fantasized about executing the chief executive, Graham Roumieu takes the fantasy many steps further. Imagine how different work could be if you could: turn a World s Greatest Boss card into an eye-piercing paper airplane of death, create a corporate catapult, a lethal laser pointer, or even a urinal conversion kit (don t ask). This wickedly funny collection of black-and-white cartoons will induce uncontrollable laughter in every disgruntled underling and cranky cog who s ever wanted their CEO DOA.