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Scarecrow: a Scarecrow Novel 3

Scarecrow: a Scarecrow Novel 3

Author(s) Matthew Reilly
Publisher Pan Macmillan Australia Pty, Limited
Published 2012
ISBN 9781742611761
Page Count511
Language en
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As 'Scarecrow' Schofield watches his mission to eliminate a Siberian turn into a bloodbath, he realises he has been tricked -- and now become the prey rather than the predator. For a shadowy consortium of staggering power and wealth has included his name on a list of fifteen targets to be eliminated without fail by twelve noon that same day. Now every high-powered bounty hunter on the planet is on his trail, while he must simultaneously track down the perpetrators of a conspiracy about to reduce many of the major cities of the world to ashes.

From Arctic Russia to the Afghan border, to France's Atlantic Coast, to a speed-of-light conflict over the Suez Canal, every form of ultra-tech weaponry comes into play in a spellbinding action drama unfolding within a mere twenty-four hours.