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How to Write

How to Write

Author(s) Richard Rhodes
Publisher William Morrow and Company
Published 1995
ISBN 9780688140953
Page Count229
Language en
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How To Write will appeal to those who desire a career in writing, who want to express themselves better through language, or who are interested in the beauty and the magic of language. Comfortably and familiarly, Rhodes addresses the concerns of all writers: finding your voice, researching your subject, the business and process of writing - including getting your manuscript published once you have finished it - and keeping grounded in your work. Rich with personal vignettes about the author's sources of inspiration, How To Write is also a memoir of one of the most original writers of our day. Readers will be drawn to Rhodes's frank and honest remembrances of his difficult childhood and his testimony to how writing acted as a form of therapy. How To Write sparks new excitement about writing and language and provides a deeper look at a master of both.