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Author(s) Rod Pyle
Publisher Andre Deutsch
Published 2019-03-07
ISBN 9780233005843
Page Count192
Language en
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With unparalleled access to NASA's archives, this stunning volume pays tribute to 50 years of Mars exploration.

Thanks to the latest exhilarating Mars expeditions, all eyes have turned to the once-mysterious red planet. This illuminating book traces our history of Mars exploration, from the earliest telescopic viewings, through NASA's first flybys in the 1960s, to the landers in the 1970s, and the increasingly sophisticated rovers and orbiters now exploring every region of the planet. The elaborate plans for the human exploration of Mars are also shown in exquisite detail, including NASA's ambitious designs for crewed missions and some compelling alternative mission plans by experts such as Buzz Aldrin. With breathtaking photographs and rare images of plans, maps, schematics, and more, including insider documents from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the story of mankind's fascination with Mars jumps off the page.